spike - Cone flat (size 4) Golden

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Cone Spikes

spike - Cone flat (size 4) Golden

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Golden Brass
Plating / Finish
Brass Coat
attachment type
Base Metal
Width/Diameter: Inch (mm)
3/8 inch (9.5mm)
Height in inch (mm)
5/32 inch (4mm)
Screw Type
M3-0.5 x 4mm (1/8") Metric Flat Head Phillips Mach. Screws

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spike - Cone flat (size 4) Golden

Size 4 Small Golden Cone Spike / Spot

Our smallest cone spike. Shaped like a very flat cone. Comes with a screw for application.

Cone Spikes Category (Line 202)
Conical shaped and round, these spikes are great for all sorts of types of fashion embellishments. Commonly used for Gothic and Punk items; cone spikes are simple yet dynamic to add style to any type of project.

Screw-backed spikes are made from a variety of high quality metals such as brass and steel with finishes of golden, silver, black and brass. Spikes are used with a variety of leather-crafting projects in the: music and film industry; Gothic, Punk, and Metal subculture; costume and display; apparel, handbags, and shoes, to name a few. The screw supplied with the spike is applied to the spike tap to secure the spike onto the material. With a strong jewelers’ glue, these items can also be attached to some projects. StudsAndSpikes specializes in screw-backed spikes for easy applications, with no special metal-dies or other tooling needed. Check out our HOW TO web-page for more details.

Superior Quality from StudsAndSpikes
All the Spikes sold at StudsAndSpikes are high quality real metal spikes. We pay attention to detail. The basic material is usually brass, steel, or aluminum. (With castings, we use alloy.) The plating and color are engineered to last. StudsAndSpikes sells to craft artists, designers, resellers, and to the professional film and costume industry. When shopping around for studs and spikes to embellish your design, and your unique project, you can depend on StudsAndSpikes for top quality, fast delivery, and all at a great price.