Payment Option Details

We accept all major Credit and Debit cards, PayPal, Western Union, Personal Checks, Money Orders, International Money Orders, and US Cash. Read below for complete details.

Credit/Debit Cards (Select Credit/Debit Cards at checkout)

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express Cards. Each card is subject to an AVS (Address Verification System) match, which helps protect our store from fraud. The AVS system accepts all cards in the United States, and some in Canada and United Kingdom. (It is the cardholder's bank that determines acceptance of the AVS.) Customers whom live outside the United States, and are rejected by our AVS system, cannot use a Credit Card to pay for an order. See below for alternative methods.

Credit Card information is transferred over a high-encrypted connection with the Gateway Processing Center. Each transaction is also digitally password protected through an encrypted code. does not store any credit card information. This gives customers the highest confidence for each secure transaction.

Has your card been denied, and you live in the USA? 
It is possible that you have not entered the right address for your customer information. Please verify that you know the correct billing address of your credit card. (This billing address is the same address that the credit card's monthly statements are sent to.) When you know your card's billing address, make sure that the "billing" address of the order matches the credit card's address. Once this is done, the AVS system should find the match and accept your credit card. If you need to have different shipping and billing address', you must create an account then edit the address at checkout.

Payments By Mail (Select Mail-in or Other Payments at checkout)

All payments by mail can be sent to address after the customer has completely checked out of the store. We do not send orders until payment has been received and verified. Completing our online checkout system better ensures that the items will be put on hold, so that items will stay in stock while payment is sent in the mail. Write the order number on the Check or Money Order when sending in payment. Make all payments out to:
PO Box 77050
Seattle, WA 98177

Money Orders can be obtained from the Post Office, Banks, Western Unions, check-cashing places, and most Drug and Convenience stores.

International Money Orders (IMO) must be made out in US Currency (USD). You can get International Money Orders from your bank, Western Unions, US money institutions, and some Post Offices. IMO availability varies from country to country.

Personal Checks are acceptable. You must give 14 days to clear each check from the time we receive it in the mail. Waiting 14 days to clear the check protects us from receiving bounced checks.

Cash. Many customers choose to pay in cash because there is no fee. Do not mail coins, and remember to camouflage the cash in the envelope. Cash is not a protected form of payment, and if lost or stolen, there is nothing can do. (Select PayPal at checkout)

PayPal is an online payment option and one of the most secure ways of sending payment. Members can instantly and securely send money to anyone in the U.S. with an email address. PayPal is also available to people in 38 countries.