Shipping And Returns


Shipping Costs: The StudsAndSpikes store has a live integrated website with the U.S. Postal Service (U.S.P.S.) and United Parcel Service (UPS). Shipping prices are determined by the shipping companies. Shiping prices vary based on delivery speed, weights, handling and service. Completing our online checkout system will determine price of shipping and delivery times. For instance, a bag of 100 studs will be cheaper to ship than a bag of 1000 studs because of the weight.

Shipping Time: We will do what we can to ship your order quickly. Actual delivery time may be impacted by mailing time (see below), bad weather, preparing time, carrier mistakes, type of payment, availability of items, weekends, and holidays.

Same Day Shipping Cutoff Time: If you make your order by 1 PM Eastern - 9 AM Pacific Time Mon-Fri, your order will be shipped out that day. After that and it will likely ship the next business day cycle.  Notible exceptions are as follows: Payment must be recieved and verified. (For instance, Credit Card payments where the billing address is different from the shipping address.) Weekends, Holidays, hand-crafted belts and bracelets, items out-of-stock, and possibly high-volume orders can not be shipped the same day. 

Mailing Time - Mailing time corresponds to the time it takes the mail carrier to ship your package. This time is determined by the carrier choice of the customer. Here is a complete list of mailing choices and what they mean:

  • Do not ship. I will pick-up.    |    The order will be waiting for you to pickup at our warehouse in Seattle, USA.
  • Standard Delivery    |    Average 5 working day delivery in US, 25 days international. Time not guaranteed.
  • UPS Ground    |    See UPS website for delivery times. Guaranteed Delivery.
  • UPS Next Day Air    |    Guaranteed to arrive by next working day if made by 9 AM PST. No Sat or Sun delivery.
  • UPS Second Day Air    |    Guaranteed to arrive by 2 working days if made by 9 AM PST. No Sat or Sun delivery.
  • UPS Standard    |    For Canada customers, subject to brokerage on top of normal import fees.
  • UPS Three-Day Select    |    Guaranteed to arrive by 3 working days if made by 9 AM PST. No Sat or Sun delivery.
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited    |    Guaranteed to arrive in customs by 7 working days.
  • UPS Worldwide Express    |    Guaranteed to arrive in customs by 5 working days.
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus    |    Guaranteed to arrive in customs by 4 working days.
  • UPS Worldwide Saver     |    Guaranteed to arrive in customs by 6 working days.
  • First-Class Mail Parcel    |    Average 4 working days delivery. Time not guaranteed.
  • First-Class Package International Service    |    Average 20 working days international. Time not guaranteed.
  • USPS Retail Ground | Average 3-5 working day delivery. Time not guaranteed.
  • Priority Mail    |    Average 3 working days. Time not guaranteed.
  • Priority Mail 1-Day    |    Average One working day delivery if made before 9 AM PST. Time not Guaranteed.
  • Priority Mail 2-Day    |    Average Two working day delivery if made before 9 AM PST. Time not Guaranteed.
  • Priority Mail 3-Day    |    Average Three working day delivery if made before 9 AM PST. Time not Guaranteed.
  • Priority Mail Express 1-Day    |    Guaranteed 1 working day delivery if made before 9 AM PST.
  • Priority Mail Express 2-Day    |    Guaranteed 2 working days delivery if made before 9 AM PST.
  • Priority Mail Express International    |    Guaranteed 7 or less working days delivery to customs.
  • Priority Mail International    |    Average 10 working days. Time not guaranteed.

What does it mean to be guaranteed? - Some shipping options are guaranteed to be delivered by a particular day or a particular timeframe. Only U.S.P.S (US Postal Service) Priority-Express Mail and UPS (United Parcel Service) Next Day, Second Day, and 3-Day Select choices are guaranteed to fall within a timeframe of delivery. Money Back Guarantee: For all guaranteed shipping, if a package does not arrive by the date or timeframe, you will receive a complete refund on the shipping cost. (Notable exceptions are delays caused by an incorrect shipping address, unverified and non-instant payments, government customs delays, extreme weather, and other non-predictable events.)

Things to Know When Shipping to your country (non-USA destinations):

  • Will you ship to my country? - Yes. StudsAndSpikes ship to foreign destinations daily, the store will calculate postage to every country on Earth.
  • Taxes and Tariffs - Governments charge their citizens an import fee for most merchandise imported. This fee can be called: Customs Fee, VAT, Tariff, or such. The cost depends on the country. This cost is seperate from postage/shipping costs and is billed as the package enters the country.
  • Can I choose USPS? - If you choose United States Postal Service, this agency gives the package to the government postal agency in your country (Like CanadaPost, RoyalMail, AustraliaPost, etc).
  • Brokerage Fees - Private carriers, like UPS (United Parcel Service) and FedEx may also charge brokerage fees of 15%+ cost or more. StudsAndSpikes is not responsible for these expenses.
  • Package Tracking - All Express and UPS packages are trackable. First Class, some Priority Mail, and most Discount Shipping options are low-cost but do not track packages outside the USA.
  • Delivery Time - Since custom times can vary - there is no time guarantee on delivery times. Notable exceptions are with UPS and U.S.P.S. Express. Choose either of these shipping options if you are under a time constraint.


Customer Requested Returns / Refunds on Merchandise - We assume that the customer has read the item descriptions and knows exactly what they are buying. If a customer wants to return a product, StudsAndSpikes will accept all returns. You may return any undamaged items you purchased from this site and receive a refund within 30 days of receiving the package, no matter what the reason. On all returns, StudsAndSpikes does not refund shipping costs. No restocking fee for unused unopened items. If items are opened, but still in resellable shape, we will charge up to a 15% restocking fee. This helps cover counting, labor, and merchant fees. It is best to contact us before returning to obtain instructions. Please Contact Us with your order number.

Shipping Company Returns and Lost Mail - If for some reason a customers package is returned to us by the shipping company, or a package is lost, we handle each return according to the policy below. Our policy is as follows:

  • RETURNED DUE TO STUDSANDSPIKES FAULT. If the package is returned to us for any reason that may be claimed as any error on the business, we will refund for the entire order -or- resend the order at no extra cost to the customer.
  • RETURNED DUE TO INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS OR SIMILAR PROBLEM. If the package is returned to us unopened, StudsAndSpikes will not charge a restocking fee. All other fees will be assessed and taken off the refund. This includes the original shipping and handling fees and any return postage fees. All proof of fees will be provided upon request. (The return of a package unopened usually is because StudsAndSpikes was given an incomplete or incorrect shipping address, or the package being refused or unclaimed by the customer at the time the carrier attempted delivery.)
  • STOLEN MAIL OR SIMILAR PROBLEM. If the package is reported "delivered" by the shipping compnay, but the customer claims that they do not have it. Please persue this with the shipping carrier company first before contacting us.
  • PACKAGE IN TRANSIT IS LOST. If the package is lost or goes missing by the shipping carrier company, we will file for insurance on the lost items. Insurance claims can take several weeks. Once the shipping company approves the insurance claim, we will refund/replace the customer for the entire order. 


The customer making the order agrees to the Shipping and Returns as part of our Terms and Conditions. Please contact us for any further help.

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