Garment MP Studs

Garment MP Studs

MP Multi-Prong Garment Studs Section.

Our new section of studs specifically designed for the craft artist working with thin and flexible materials. Designed for lighter fabric. These studs are designed with four or more shorter prongs that apply to the material at many points.

FAQ: 2-Prong vs. Multi-Prong. What is the difference? Multi-prongs give you shorter prongs, with more contact points which work well for thin and light material. Garments like dresses, t-shirts, and light denim work well with Multi-Prong studs. We recommend the two-prong studs for denim, leather, and other heavy material. The two-pronged stud is designed with longer prongs which work well with thicker, heavier, and otherwise not very flexible material. Jackets, Belts, Heavy Denim, Leather Bracelets, and Shoes work well with 2-prong studs. 

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