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Studs And Spikes - Craft Supply store has a live 24 hour shopping-cart type store. It is set up to accept a variety of "payments" and "shipping methods" to every country on Earth, with real-time postage cost calculations and payment processing services. Each order has a unique delivery time and postage cost dependant on the customer's choice.

HOW OUR SHOPPING CART STORE WORKS As customers browse our store, they put the items they wish to purchase in an online "shopping-cart". When all items have been selected, customer then checks-out. At "checkout" The customer can choose from different shipping times, shipping services like US Postal Service, Foreign Package service, and UPS. The store also accepts payment options like: Money Order; Credit Card; Western Union; and PayPal.

A BRIEF HISTORY For centuries, studs and spikes have been used for many purposes. From practical use in the armor of the middle ages, or placed on motorcycle jackets, studs have been used for protection. Horse Saddles and motocycle bags were commonly adorned with studs, to give an attractive high-end look. Nowadays, people add studs and spikes on many things from purses, shoes & heels, and the always different, punk, hip-hop, and alt-culture jackets, to just name a few. There is no end to making your items look brilliant, dramatic, and stand out as unique.

StudsAndSpikes started as a company in 1995. The approach was always to supply items for craft artists and embellishments with a focus on the more edgy punk, biker, and alt-culture, to couture fashion and runway design.

We continue to expand our catalog with different colors, styles, and sizes monthly. Our mission continues in supplying high quality craft studs and spikes to the world. Our guarantee to you is to deliver the same high quality items quickly and professionally.