1349 - embroidered band logo patch 134901

1349 embroidered band logo patch
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Embroidered patch of Norwegian black metal band 1349's stylized font logo and design. The band's name pays homage to the year that the Black Death epidemic reached Norway.


Embroidered Patch: Patches of this type are typically made from canvas with the design and edge done in embroidery. These can be applied onto your project by glue, fabric adhesive, or to iron for those who have iron on material, though the most secure method of attachment is to sew them on.

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SKU 9PTR51134901
Cloth Color Black
Main Design Color White
Production Type Embroider
Subject or Genre Black/Death Metal
Edge of Patch Embroider Border
Backing Material 2-Ply Fabric
Patch Size Medium
Source Outside Vendor
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