Black Bevel Size18 Stud

Black Bevel Size 18 Stud
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Black Bevel 3/4 inch (18mm) Stud

With a unique, long pyramid-shaped profile, these studs will make a striking profile on your project.

Length: 5/16" (8mm)
Width: 3/4" (18mm)
Height: 3/8" (5mm)
Prong Length: 1/4" (6mm)


Studs are embellishments added to your garment, apparel, or clothing item. These studs are easily attached with prongs to most any project. Commonly used for DIY leather-crafting, belts, bracelets, handbags, shoes, punk and alt-couture jackets, dog collars, etc., studs are set by pushing the prongs through the material and bending them inward to attach. Please visit our HOW-TO-STUD page.

Quality Studs from StudsAndSpikes
All the Studs sold at StudsAndSpikes are of high quality designs. Here at StudsAndSpikes, we start with a good gauge sheet (0.018 to 0.025 inch) metal, to have the application and long term use in mind. The plating and color is engineered to last. StudsAndSpikes sells to craft artists, designers, resellers, and to the professional film and costume industry. When shopping around for nail-heads, spots, and other studs, you can depend on us for top quality items at a great price.

Two-Prong Studs
These studs are great for applications on materials like denim and leather, or to be used on materials with a sturdy backing. Generally, these are great for material thicker than 1.5mm (1/16 inch).The two prongs range around a quarter inch (6mm) so can be used on many different types of projects.

More Information
SKU 105-25XB
Bag Quantity choose
Color Black
Plating / Finish Black Oxide
Base Metal Brass
Width/Diameter: Inch (mm) 3/4 inch (19mm)
attachment type prong
Height in inch (mm) 3/8 inch (9.5mm)
Prong Length in inch 1/4 inch (0.25")
Number of Prongs 2
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