M16 .223 bullet belt - Copper Silver w/X link - LARGE

M16 .223 bullet belt - Copper Tip Nickle w/X link - LARGE
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Copper Tip Nickle .223 Bullet Belt

A highly-popular bullet belt where the bullet tip is copper, and the body is silver. It is linked with a black-gray link. The M16 223 cal shell size are smaller than the M60 308 cals and so provide for a lighter belt but has more bullets on the belt than the M60 308s. These belts look great and are popular for those wanting a more decorative belt with more bullets for the size.

FAQ: What size M16 bullet belt should I buy? Bullet Belt sizing is measured by the bullet strip size rather then pants size. As a rule of thumb, you should order about 4 to 6 inches bigger than your pants waist size. How much bigger will depend on the style you like; how tight or loose you like your bullet belt to hang. You might want to get a string or measuring tape and wrap it around your hips where you like the belt to be, then see how long the string/tape is. Order that belt size (rounding up). An example: If you wrap a string around your hips and you get about 35 inches, you probably want to buy buy the 38 inch belt. You can always remove a bullet or two to get the exact size and style.

Need a longer belt? We also sell M16 STRIPS OF 9 extension pieces of all styles of M16 bullet belts that make any belt bigger. Email us in the Contact Us page with any questions you may have.

FAQ: I live outside the USA, can I import a Bullet Belt? These items are confusing to some customs officials as to how to handle them. We advise that if you live outside the USA, call your customs officials and ask if it is OK to ship these into your country. Describe them as "costume metal belts" that are often used for theatre props and costume work. Make sure they know that these are fake and inert, and in no way are harmful or loaded rounds. They are completely safe as shipping any type of metal object. Please note: We make no claim that these items are legal to ship to your country, we claim that if you order them, you take full responsibility in knowing the laws of your country and that you are telling us that it is safe to ship them. We will not refund any item seized by your countries officials. We have shipped to United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Japan, and New Zealand without incident thus far. Australia requires a permit to ship. We believe that Denmark, Canada and Spain prohibit bullet belts. (Please verify all this information with your customs officials before ordering. We make no claim in knowledge of import laws.)

More Information
SKU 405-0CNX-100
Bullet Belt Size Large (100)
Height 2.28 inches (58mm)
Width/Diameter: Inch (mm) 3/8 inch (9.5mm)
Shell Height 1 3/4 inches (1.75")
Style and Color Copper tip with Silver Shell
Link Style 223 Black-Gray Link
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