M60 bullet strip of 7 - Silver w/X Link

Silver M60 Bullet Belt - Strip of 7
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Extra strip of M60 no tip Nickled w/Black Link A basic strip of bullets is this where the shell is nickled with no tips and linked with a black-gray link. Very lightweight because it does not have bullet tips on it. The M60 308 Calibers are a larger bullet than the M16 223s so it makes the belt more aggressive looking. The shell was once used but no longer has any gunpowder, or primer to make it inert.

Strip Description and Specs: Base: 1/2 inch. (12 mm) Shell Length: 2 inches. (51 mm) Color: nickled shell Link: black Width: approx. 7 bullets per 4 inches. Recommended quantities for sizes: 24 inch - order 6 - (42 bullets). 33 inch - order 8 - (56 bullets). 40 inch - order 10 - (70 bullets).

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SKU 404-00NX-7
Belt Width approx. 7 bullets per 4 inches.
Height 2 inches (51mm)
Links Black-gray link
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