Multi-Death Corporations MDCX03

MDC band - Multi-Death Corporations EP art white cloth black ink
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MDC band - Multi-Death Corporations EP art

M.D.C. is a band started in 1979. They were inspired by the leftist political band The Dicks from Austin, TX. This is the iconic artwork on their first EP entitled Multi Death Corporations. MDC used a lot of different names for their M.D.C. acronym. 

Track list of this EP:
Multi-Death Corporations
Selfish Shit
Radioactive Chocolate
No Place To Piss


Cut-Cloth Edge Patches: Patches of this type are typically made from canvas with a silkscreened ink image. The edges are cut. There is no embroidery. Typically they are applied onto your project by folding the edges inward and sewing the patch onto your project.

More Information
Cloth Color White
Main Design Color Black
Production Type Ink Print
Subject or Genre Punk/Hardcore Bands
Edge of Patch Cut Cloth
Backing Material None
Patch Size Medium
Source Outside Vendor
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