Silver Round-Dome Studded Bracelet Kit - Make My Own Bracelet

Make My Own bracelet - Silver Round Dome Studded Bracelet Kit
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Silver Round-Dome Studded bracelet Kit.

A fun project for anyone. Included in this kit is a high quality man-made leather strap with snap rivets, quality metal studs, and an instruction booklet. This project takes about 10 minutes to make. It is a great introduction to working with pronged studs and denim/leather-crafting. 

All our items are professional quality and are often used by the film and costume industry. The studs used are made from high quality material where it's prongs will crimp and hold strong. The leather we use is not derived from animals, it is a subtle soft microfiber material that feels and acts like leather, strong and durable.

Bracelet Wrist Size Chart

Size Shorthand Attachment Wrist Circumference (inch) Wrist Circumference (mm)
Small  SM Snaps 6.5 inch 165 mm
Medium  MD Snaps 7.2 inch 182 mm
Large  LG Snaps 8.0 inch 203 mm
Buckled  BK Buckle 6.0 to 7.9 inch 150 to 200 mm


What size should I buy?
Measure your wrist circumpherence by taking a tape measurer and wrapping around your wrist. You want to buy the bracelet size that is bigger than this measurement, but not too much bigger. For an example, if you measure your wrist circumpherence to be 7 inches (or 178 mm) then buy the Medium bracelet, but also the Buckle bracelet will work too since the Buckle bracelet can be adjusted.

Should I have extra studs in the kit when I am done?
Yes. We pack a few extra studs into every kit so you should have extra left over.

Ouch, my fingers hurt when I bend the prongs. Is there a tool?
StudsAndSpikes sells a PRONG PRESS tool (SKU 170-0008) but you can also use something like a flathead screwdriver to help bend the prongs inward. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions and suggestions. Your products are guaranteed to be free of defects.

More Information
SKU 610-091R-1
Bag Quantity Single
Attachments snaps
Strap Width 0.71 inch (18mm)
Clasp snaps
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