Rivetback Badge Setting Tool

Rivetback Badge Setting Tool
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Rivetback Badge Setting Tool

Only to be used with LINE 520 Rivetback Badges. 

Use this tool to set rivetback badges into heavier materials like leather or denim. This will set the rivet backing on the badge. Use to give an accent for bracelets, jackets, etc.

Designed to be used with a hand press. You can also use this tool if you are setting by hand with a hammer, or using a drill press. Email us if you have any questions.

If your curious if it fits into your rivet setting machine, The post (that the machine grips) mesures 3/8 inch diameter  (9.5mm) and 5/8 inch heigh (15mm) with a bevel for the machine to grip. 

height: 1.36 inch (34.5mm)
width at widest point: 0.60 inch (15mm)
Post height: 3/8 inch diameter  (9.5mm)
Post width: 5/8 inch heigh (15mm) 

We have a used tool for rental. You may purchase the setting tool and then return it to us undamaged for $15 a month fee. You pay full value now, and if you return within a month, you get the value minus $15 back. Email us if you would like to know more about renting the tool. 


More Information
Bag Quantity Single
Attachments 3/8 inch diameter post
Height 1.36 inch (34.5mm)
Length 0.60 inch (15mm)
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