Dual Blade Awl Tool for studding - two adjustable blades

Dual Blade Awl Tool for studding - two adjustable blades
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Dual-Blade Awl

An Awl is a tool to punch holes in leather like material. The Dual-Blade Awl that we sell is a bit different than a traditional Awl tool in that it has two blades. The two blades are adjustable to be a certain width apart. It is primarily used to punch holes in leather or leather like material for the use with two-pronged leather studs. Once the holes are punched, the stud's two prongs are inserted and bent inward to secure the stud.

You get: 
1 metal awl and adjusting plate with screw.
2 blades.

Textiles, Weaves, and Denim may not work well with this tool as it is primarily used with leather and leather like material. Also Multi-Prong studs or smaller pronged studs may not be ideal to be used with this tool.

Blade width can be adjusted from One-Fourth inch through to One inch apart in increments of 1/8 inch. 

Instructions for use:
1) When punching holes in the material, make sure that under the material you have some sort of mat since the blades will punch through the material and hit the mat. The professionals use what they call a "cobblers mat", but some people use a kitchen cutting-board, cork-board, or thick cardboard.
2) Space the blades in the Awl so that it is the same width apart as the prongs of the stud you are using. 
3) Position the leather or material on top of the mat so it is flat, then put the Awl so that it is exactly perpendicular to the material. You do not want the AWL at an angle to the material or mat as this will bend the blades.
4) Now either push the blades through the material or tap the Awl with a hammer. This should make two holes in the material.
5) At this point you can insert the stud's prongs into the holes, then bend the prongs inward as far as you can to secure the stud on the material.

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